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Stay-at-home orders may have lifted, but isolation for power-based violence victims has not. What to do when your home isn't safe.

Create a
Safety Plan

Create an individualized plan to keep you and/or your children safe in an abusive situation.

Get a 

Protective Order

Request an official order from a court requiring abuser to stop the violence and maintain distance.

Access Financial Resources

 Access to money can be a main reason for staying with an abuser. But there are services to support you.

Know Your


The coronavirus has impacted all aspects of our lives, including family law. Learn about your rights.

Safety Plan

Assess Situation.

Locate Resources.

Identify Safe Spaces.

Plan for Emotional Safety.

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Protective Order


Court Access.

Intended Outcomes. 

Eligibility & Process.

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Financial Support

Filing for Public Benefits.

Healthcare Enrollment.

Food Resources. 

Bill Paying Priorities. 

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Your Rights

Division of Property.

Alimony & Child Support.

Child Custody. 

Stay-at-Home Exceptions.

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Safety Plan
Protective Order
Financial Support
Legal Rights
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