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JCADA's legal services are 100% free of charge.

JCADA’s Legal team provides direct representation to adult survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) who are seeking Protective Orders (POs) primarily in the courts of Montgomery County, MD and Fairfax County, VA.  We also assist survivors with legal issues directly resulting from the issuance of a Protective Order, such as lease termination, and provide assistance, education, and guidance to survivors asserting their crime victims’ rights stemming from an incident of IPV.

JCADA’s legal services are provided without regard to income, race, national origin, ability, background, faith, gender, immigration status, or sexual orientation.

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Leaving an abusive relationship is scary enough. Entering into legal action can feel almost paralyzing, but JCADA is here to help you. 


Our Legal team has vast experience navigating the protective order process and associated criminal proceedings. You do not have to face the complex legal system alone!

JCADA provides survivors of intimate partner violence with direct legal representation in:

  • Protective Orders

  • Crime Victims’ Rights 

Our Legal team also hosts seminars and workshops for clients on legal issues impacting survivors.


DISCLAIMER:  JCADA only provides representation as described above. Due to high demand and limited capacity, JCADA cannot guarantee representation. However, if we cannot assist you, we will strive to provide you with a referral to an appropriate legal resource.


Navigating the legal side of intimate partner violence is complicated. Below are two important  terms for survivors to understand as they consider their next steps. ​


Protective Orders: A Protective Order or PO is a civil order issued by a court of law that requires the abuser to stop the violence and/or abuse. 


If granted, a PO provides a layer of security for the survivor by having a court require the abuser to stay away from the survivor, their home, and/or their place of employment.


The PO may also include additional forms of relief including temporary determinations on child custody/visitation, financial support, or the use and possession of a car, or pet.

Crime Victims' Rights: Victims of specific criminal offenses have certain legal rights for the duration of their abuser’s criminal case.  Some of these rights include: to be informed of the status of their abuser’s criminal case, to be present in the courtroom for hearings, to give a Victim Impact Statement, and to know when their abuser is being released from jail or prison. JCADA’s attorneys help victims understand their crime victims' rights and assist them in asserting those rights.

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To get more information or to speak with a member of JCADA's Legal team,

call1-877-885-2232 or email


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