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2020 Annual Report

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

As we launch into our 21st year, JCADA has emerged as an organization on the front lines of a global crisis. Our mission is to end power-based violence, empower survivors and ensure safe communities.

Our focus for the past six months has been on the unique needs of our clients; victims of domestic violence, stalking, elder abuse, and sexual assault, who have been quarantined with their abusers, suffering from trauma, and unable to access resources.

With no barrier too high, and even working remotely, JCADA staff saw 24% MORE clients for direct services, and educated 19% MORE people about healthy relationships and workplaces in this fiscal year. We met this unprecedented need with the highest caliber of staff, professionalism and technological know-how.

Throughout the pandemic JCADA continued to:

  • Answer our helpline everyday for safety-planning to help people stay physically and emotionally safe, and give support to loved ones who want to help;

  • Provide phone-based counseling and support groups to our clients;

  • Find people shelter and access to public benefits, and distribute grocery cards for emergency food assistance;

  • Represent survivors who need a protective order from their abuser; and

  • Educate the community about warning signs of unhealthy relationships and share resources through webinars, videos and social media.

This crisis is far from over, and the need for JCADA’s services continues unabated.

The long lasting ramifications of the severe increase in cases and rise in lethality will mean that JCADA’s culturally humble, trauma-informed clinical, legal and advocacy services will be in high demand far into the future."

As you will see in the following report, community members, organizations and donors have stepped up to help keep our services free for those who are in need. We are honored by your commitment to our work and partnership in bringing JCADA into the next 20 years! Our heartfelt thanks to the staff who have embraced the challenges the pandemic presented and continue to serve our clients and the community with commitment and zeal.

JCADA FY20 Annual Report
Download PDF • 4.40MB

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