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Read how JCADA contributed to a client's success story and how you can help too!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

November 28, 2022

Dear Friends,

Every year, the JCADA Executive Director and Board President send an end-of-year appeal asking for your support of our life-saving services. This year, we chose to send our letter from the collective voice of JCADA Staff and our Board of Directors.

Like the clients we serve, we come from a variety of personal, professional, and cultural backgrounds. However, we are all dedicated to empowering survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), ensuring safe communities, and educating others on the realities of abuse. Both as individuals and as a group—we believe everyone deserves to be safe. The impact of our work has the power to save, transform, and improve lives. An incredible example of this comes from a JCADA client, Adrienne (name changed to protect identity).

Adrienne came to JCADA three years ago, because she told friends that she feared for her life. Those same friends encouraged her to call JCADA. Soon after that first call, her husband strangled her so severely that she experienced a traumatic brain injury that led to a subsequent stroke, leaving Adrienne partially paralyzed. For a full year, Adrienne was in a rehabilitation facility, recovering from her injuries and unable to be with her children, who were left at home with their father.

With support from JCADA’s therapists and advocates Adrienne was able to move out and file for divorce. Adrienne is not just surviving, she is thriving. Instead of spending her days in fear, she spends them embracing freedoms previously denied to her, attending community events, and crafting costumes for her children.

Just recently when Adrienne’s wheelchair broke, the JCADA team secured a grant to purchase her a brandnew powered wheelchair. This major donation enables Adrienne to pursue employment outside her home. Adrienne is hopeful that someday soon she will be healed enough to support other survivors. When asked about her journey, Adrienne wrote this compelling poem.

It's not about making it through the day any more

Knowing when to duck, flinch, and turn

It's so much more than survival and safety

It's about waking up

Noticing the light streaming in even on a rainy day

It's learning to thrive

Granting myself grace

Permission to do hard things

To make big mistakes

To exhale, to laugh, to cry, to live, to BE

It's me

We are honored to know Adrienne, her strength, and her spirit. There are 1,300 clients just like her who rely on JCADA every year to obtain protective orders, meet their basic needs, or move from their trauma towards emotional and physical safety. Only with your financial support will JCADA be able to increase collective support for survivors.

Thank you for joining us in the movement to end IPV by learning with us, supporting us and letting others know how important our lifesaving work is to the community. Please visit today to ensure a safer, healthier, happier tomorrow for IPV survivors and their families.

If you are unable to contribute to JCADA’s end-of-year campaign or—better yet—in addition to a year-end donation, please visit and consider supporting our work in these other ways:

• Become a JCADA Hero Monthly Donor

• Join Friends of JCADA

• Donate Basic Needs Gift Cards

• Make JCADA Your Amazon Smile Organization of Choice

• Tell Your Family, Friends, and Network about JCADA

Just like it takes our leadership, staff, and Board to do the work, it takes a group of generous individuals to ensure there is no tolerance for abuse in our world. We are here to help the community and we need you to join us.

With Unwavering Commitment & Gratitude,

JCADA Staff and Board of Directors

EOY 2022 Letter (2)
Download PDF • 174KB

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