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use sed or awk, or any other tool you prefer. for example: sed's/edlae/edlayea/g' /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ > /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ to fix.v1.2.exe you can also try awk awk -F/ '{sub(/edlae/,"edlayea"); print $0}' /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ > /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ $ sha1sum /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ 71fe9d19f750a4b7db2a7d5b4efafc6dcbbb3d54 /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ or to see awk's version of your script you can use: awk -F/ -v awkvar='sed' -v awkvar2='awk -F/ -{gsub(/edlae/,"edlayea"); print $0}' -f awkvar.awk -v awkvar2.awk /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ > /tmp/f0ae20f4.ef/source/ Synthesis and electronic properties of dinuclear ruthenium compounds. The electronic properties of a series of dinuclear ruthenium(II) compounds, Ru(2)L(4) (L = halides, hydroxo ligands and aqua ligands)




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