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JCADA offers a variety of different prevention, training and educational workshops for groups and individuals looking to promote healthy relationships, create safe school, work, and religious communities, and prevent the vicious cycle of power-based violence. Each program is tailored to a group's specific audience, goal, and needs. 

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6th - 8th Grade

This interactive workshop helps students learn the warning signs of abuse, provides a space for students to collaborate with their peers on how to be an active bystander, and allows students to reflect on who in their lives could be a trusted adult. This program aims to: 

  • Create an open and safe environment for students to share what they know about abuse and harassment.

  • Invite students to practice the skills to recognize power-based violence.

  • Help participants process the obstacles associated with bystander behavior.




9th - 12th Grade

Based on CDC best practices, this interactive, hands-on program promotes healthy teen relationships and opens the door for teens to start examining their friendships and relationships. Trained facilitators spark important conversations and help to build interpersonal skills that continue beyond the workshop. 


Each workshop is unique because the teens play out the stories and react as if in a real life situation. 


This program teaches teens warning signs of unhealthy relationships, as well as the skills necessary to help themselves or a friend. 


AWARE® and It's Not Love® are non-profit programs. While we do charge for our workshop, JCADA routinely works with schools and organizations to ensure cost is never a barrier to bringing our programming to your students.

Special Training for Clergy

College Students


A JCADA Prevention Initiative

Operating in schools, camps, and youth programs across the D.C. metro area, AWARE® provides an interactive and open environment for young adults to safely learn, explore, and discuss power-based violence, healthy relationships, bystander syndrome, and more. 

Participants walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships, and cultural influences that impact exposure and experiences.

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Community Trainings

A JCADA Public Service Initiative

Throughout the course of a year, JCADA hosts a variety of interactive educational seminars and training programs for the community. These sessions are free to Friends of JCADA members and, on some topics, the general public. 

Our power-based violence educational and training programs cover a variety of topics including: 

  • Identifying Warning Signs 

  • Considering Dynamics of Abuse

  • Learning Intervention Strategies

  • Supporting Victims & Survivors

  • And more...


Building Better Allies (BBA)

A JCADA Training Initiative

Building Better Allies (BBA) is a comprehensive education and training program that helps organizations, agencies, and faith communities better understand, prevent, and respond to incidents of power-based violence. Through a series of interactive workshops, individualized consultations, and policy considerations, BBA provides a training and education experience uniquely suited for each participating organization. Learn more here. The first step is setting up a consultation with our Education & Training Department.

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Continuing Education Credits

Train with JCADA and earn CEUS!

Power-based Violence 101: Supporting Survivors and Their Families ​​


  • Power-based violence

  • Healthy relationships

  • The cycle of abusive behavior

  • Safety planning


  • Warning signs of child and/or elder abuse

  • Warning signs of trauma

  • Impact of COVID-19 on survivors and their families


  • How to best use Zoom and telehealth

  • Legal strategies

  • How to make appropriate referrals 

  • Safety planning skills


  • Dr. Rachel Schwartz, Ph.D., LCSW-C | Clinical Director

  • Spencer Cantrell, ESQ | Director, Legal & Victim Advocacy 

  • Laura Kovach, M. Ed | Director, Prevention, Education & Training

  • Tova Zimm, Manager Victim Advocacy

Online Discussion

Special Training for Clergy

JCADA has curated training designed specifically for rabbis and religious leaders to address the following issues within their leadership, congregation, and community: 

  • Workplace Harassment 

  • Sexual Discrimination 

  • Power-Based Violence 

  • Culture Change 

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